Website Design

Looking to improve on something you already or have a brand new responsive, bespoke, user friendly websites to suit your needs.


Print & Signage

We produce quality print that is eye catching, informative & of course, suited to your business and its goals, perfect for attracting new customers or just impressing your fan base.


Social Media

The ever growing, ever changing platform of social media. We can help you create your online persona or improve on your existing one – making use of the most powerful marketing tool around.

Photography & Videography

Looking for that professional video representing your business – or how about some shots to share on social. We’ve got that covered.

Digital Advertising

Experts in SEO, PPC & Analytics. We craft marketing campaigns that grow & develop alongside your business.

Wedding Stationery

Whatever kind of dream wedding you’re putting together, we can design bespoke wedding stationery to your needs.


Never be left without help. Let us guide you through the ever changing digital landscape.

Our Story

Set up in ye olde 2017 Noodle Lime grew out of the need for another digital design agency with a quirky name. We pride ourselves on having an office with a ball pit, open bar, leek farm and office shrew (we love you clark the shrew) and of course a relaxed clothing policy, everyone wears shorts and flip flips – its madness.

The name Noodle Lime came from several nights of brainstorming while staring at inanimate objects, and also researching what ridiculous names haven’t been used already.

-insert inspirational quote here-

We love all things digital and can’t wait to help you on your next adventure. For real.